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Money ain't everything!

I just recently helped a young couple buy their first home. Kathleen and Benny had been looking to buy a home in San Jose off and on for a few years when we got introduced a few months back. After getting them qualified for mortgage, we started looking at homes in their target neighborhoods and price range. In this extremely competitive market, our offers kept getting either outbid or overlooked because of the down payment of only 5%. It was not looking good. We tried and tried and after the fourth try, our offer was finally accepted. Why, you may ask?

As a part of the offer package, I always encourage my clients to write a personal letter to the seller, describing who they are and what they like about the home on and even attach pictures to set themselves apart from the competing offers. Many sellers treasure their own family memories in their home and like to know and actually do care who would live in their home next. It's emotional. Money is not always their only consideration. In this case, the sellers noticed in the "love letter to the seller" that Kathleen works in dentistry. It so happened that the sellers had two daughters in dentistry too. It was a match! And they liked the buyers' dog in the picture too!

Ultimately, our offer was accepted over a comparable offer from an investor with a substantial downpayment.

When we met the sellers for the key exchange, the sellers gave us all a warm welcome and hugged the buyers. They were wondering if they were going to meet Buster, their dog, too!! It's moments like these that make my job as a realtor truly wonderful!


Mary Beth Huey


"Mary Beth Huey was highly recommended to us from a family member who has trusted her service for years. Throughout this whole process she was very professional, honest, attentive to detail, patient and so easy to work with. Being first time home buyers made this process much easier than we had anticipated because Mary Beth was there every step of the way. If you want a skilled and knowledgeable team you will be in great hands with Mary Beth and her team.

We cannot thank you enough for all the hard work you did behind closed doors. Your dedication, time and effort are greatly appreciated and we look forward to the opportunity in working with you again!"

Kathleen & Benny

Thank you, Kathleen and Benny!

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