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    We had recently relocated from overseas to the Bay Area and were looking to buy a home. We knew it’s a sellers’ market here and we were nervous about the whole process of buying in this market. We then found Mary Beth and she turned out to be the perfect agent we were looking for! She got our very  first offer accepted in a competitive situation where there were 5 other offers! The fact that we relocated from abroad meant that the process of closing the purchase was not straightforward. Mary Beth helped us navigate through the entire process and used her expertise and her extensive network of professionals to get us through to closing the transaction. Not only did she get the offer presented and successfully accepted it was at a price $50,000 below the appraised value!! We are now moving in and we couldn’t have done this without Mary Beth! We wholeheartedly recommend Mary Beth to be your agent in your next transaction! 


Daniel G.



    I recommend Mary Beth Huey as a real estate agent without hesitation and with great enthusiasm. Capable, caring, knowledgeable, efficient Mary Beth has your interest in mind and has an excellent understanding of market conditions. She made my recent purchase of a condominium in the East Bay an enjoyable experience and I will utilize her services in any future real estate transaction that I undertake.

You will be lucky to avail of her expertise.

Dr. Bindu D., MD 



    Mary Beth handled our loan, the sale of our house, and the purchase of our next home. She was very responsive, knowledgeable on all aspects of the loan and home selling process and had the best rates. She is not pushy and very good at explaining the various technicalities and complicated processes in easy to understand  terms. She works very hard to do what's right and get the loan processed and the house ready to sell. Would highly recommend her. We also used her to refinance our loan later, when rates fell.


Catharine H.



    Mary Beth is an excellent, detail oriented, talented Real Estate professional who is a skilled “deal-maker." She has mastered the art of closing and can be counted on to be a top performer in any organization.


Anthony G.



    Mary Beth takes excellent care of her customers needs and is very detailed in her work. I have known her for years and worked with her on numerous transactions. Everything always runs smooth with Mary Beth.


Debby M.



    I have known MaryBeth Huey for 19 years as her doctor, friend and running coach. We have also worked together on projects.  Mary Beth is very smart, organized,  and a professional woman that puts 110% into serving her clients in a fair and ethical manner.


Dr. Ellen R.


    I had a mortgage with Chase bank. I tried to refinance my loan through Chase, but was denied. I was referred to Mary Beth & InterBanc. From day one my communication with Mary Beth was 100% positive. She explained my situation to me and advised me of my options. She guided me through the process and explained any questions that I had. The process went smoothly with timely communication from Mary Beth. I am glad I chose Mary Beth & InterBanc and look forward to when I am ready to sell my home.


Jaime Q.



    Mary Beth embodies the term "professional" as she's demonstrated that at every encounter that I've ever had with her. She has my highest recommendations!


Mark R.



    Mary Beth is a very detailed professional who has proven over the years that she has what it takes to start up and maintain her own Real Estate Service company. I have know Mary Beth both personally and professionally for a long time and recommend her to anyone looking to sell, buy, or refinance their home.


Corinne F. 



    Mary Beth is one of the best people ever to walk through our doors. Very caring, great follow-up, and completely trustworthy. I'd definitely do business with her if needed.


Chris H.


    Mary Beth is a dedicated professional who provides quality service on time with integrity.


Gopal A.



    I highly recommend Mary Beth Huey for all of your lending needs. She has secured me with the best home loans that included the lowest rates, no or minimal fees, and innovative options. She also follows up when market conditions change and better loans are available for my situation. In addition, Mary Beth facilitated the purchase of my home, making the experience the easiest, lowest stress purchase I've ever experienced. Mary Beth delivers quick results with the highest integrity and therefore I'd recommend her to all.


Kirstin U.



    Mary Beth Huey and her team are well-informed, very thorough and extremely easy to work with.  My husband and I own a corporation and several investment properties.  Whenever we have embarked on refinancing a property, it has not been an easy task.  Mary Beth is an experienced, networked broker whom I wholeheartedly trust with properly representing our financial situation to obtain the best mortgage loan.  We provided her with our goals and she searched for the mortgage lender and loan that best suited our needs.  She worked diligently to obtain all the information needed to successfully get our refinancing underway. I also want to give accolades to Nathan on her team.  At the tail end of the process, Nathan requested a financial document which I did not have.  When I told him so, he found out specifically how I could obtain the information I needed to proceed with the loan.  I was able to notify our bank and obtain exactly what was needed.  From the time Nathan originally called me to the time I had the document in my hand, it was a matter of a few hours.  Nathan prevented a delay and kept our refinancing process on track.  I highly recommend Mary Beth and her team of experienced, knowledgeable individuals who truly know how to streamline the refinancing processI successfully while meeting our requirements.  Thank you, Mary Beth and team!


Ann Marie A.


    I’ve been Mary Beth’s client since 2012 when I purchased a home. I was a first-time home buyer and she made the whole process of getting a mortgage easy and helped me understand the process each step of the way. She got me a great rate on my mortgage too! When the rates were lower in 2016, she was of great service again by helping me refinance the mortgage.


I’m now in the process of looking for a vacation home out of the area and Mary Beth is helping me find a realtor using her extensive network.


Mary Beth is very easy to work with and cares a lot about her clients.


Kanan V.



My husband and I recently refinanced our home mortgage and worked with Mary Beth Huey as our mortgage broker. Mary Beth offered sound counsel and expert analysis of rates and options for our refinance package. She seamlessly coordinated the required actions, and brought our refinance to a successful conclusion despite numerous logistical challenges presented by our particular situation. Throughout the process, I found Mary Beth's integrity, professionalism and customer service to be of the highest caliber. It was a pleasure to work with Mary Beth and InterBanc  Real Estate Services!


Laura K.


Mary Beth represented us as buyers in our recently closed home purchase. This being a sellers’ market, it took us several offers on other homes before this one. Throughout the whole process, Mary Beth was diligent, knowledgeable and patient, working closely with us all the time. She was very effective in her presentation of our offer and won the trust of the listing agent. During escrow, new issues kept coming up, but she worked through them all masterfully, even negotiating for us an extension of the escrow without any changes to the terms of the purchase. I wholeheartedly recommend Mary Beth as your realtor - she is honest, an expert in market knowledge and she is a very effective negotiator.


Manmeet W.


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